How do I determine the width and height of my curtains?


The width of the curtain is determined by the width of the rail or rod. If the curtains are installed “on the day”, we advise you to calculate at least 20 cm extra width on both sides of the window.

If you work with an electric rail, the motor must be taken into account and extra fabric is needed to cover it.


  • Free-hanging curtains with rings: measure from the bottom of the rings (the rod and rings will remain visible).
  • Eyelets on rod:measure +3 cm extra from the top of the rod for the top of the curtain.
  • Curtain on rods: measure -0.5 cm from the bottom of the rail (the rod rail remains visible).
  • WAVE confection: measure -0.5 cm from the bottom of the rail (the rail remains visible).

For curtains above a windowsill, we advise you to subtract 1cm from the height measurement. For curtains above the floor, we advise you to subtract at least 1.5 cm to 2 cm from the height measurement.

If you order both net curtains and curtains, it is advisable to order the net curtains 1 cm shorter than the curtains.

How can I clean my curtains?


Roman blinds are easy to maintain.
Most curtains are machine washable.

Washing curtains … how to start?
At Creating Moments, we recommend taking your curtains to the dry cleaner for a better result. Our confections always contain a washing label if you want to get started yourself.

A few tips:

  • Roman blind cords can be washed.
  • Do not overfill the washing machine (maximum two thirds).
  • Use detergent for delicate fabrics or special curtain detergent, without bleach.
  • Respect the maximum temperatures indicated.
  • Immediately remove the curtains from the machine and hang them wet.

And further:

  • Don’t wash the curtains too quickly. Letting it air out and knocking it out is often enough.
  • Be careful with the iron. The heat can cause deformation. If you hang your curtains wet, the creases will settle out after a while.
  • Fabrics with natural raw materials are more susceptible to shrinkage than synthetic fabrics.
  • It is better not to wash lined curtains yourself.

We recommend SASSI for stains in curtains and fabrics. A good product that removes (grease) stains without leaving traces.

How do I get beautifully waves in my curtains?

A wave curtain is created by using glides that are connected with a cord. The gliders always remain at the same distance from each other, creating beautiful symmetrical waves. A wave curtain can be mounted on a rail as well as on a rod with eyelets.

How do I choose the right type of electric roman blind?

Every electric roman blind has specific functions and qualities. They differ in terms of pulling weight , engine power, connection and control options, … It is best to consult one of our distributors.

Why do I choose a battery system?

If you want to install a curtain in a place where there is no power supply, you can opt for a battery system. Thanks to the rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy endless user comfort.

What is the maximum number of panels in a panel track?

The number of panels in a panel track can be freely determined. However, you should keep in mind that extra panels will result in extra channels. To guarantee good hanging behavior of the fabric, Decoline recommends panels with a width of 60cm to 100cm.

Can I move the roman blind in front of my sliding door?

You can choose to hang your roman blind in a wide-track curtain rail, so that you can move it easily. (Not suitable for the 201 – 207 and 214 rail.)

Can I place a roman blind at a sloping or rounded window?

Blinds - 7400 halfrond

Our 7400 system is perfect for this situation. This cord-operated technique can be continuously bent or provided with a tiltable brake for angled placement.

Can I mount a roman blind on a window wing or door?

Yes you can, by using special mounting brackets that you can mount on a window or door without having to drill

Is there a window decoration for my winter garden / veranda ?

Blinds - Tundra

You can provide window decoration for your winter garden by using our mounting systems 620 or 7400. These systems can be placed both in the day and on the day. Or you can opt for an electric rail that can even be placed completely horizontally.

You have the choice between side guides with steel cable or side profiles.

How can I control the window decoration of hard-to-reach windows?

With a cord-operated rail, you can easily open and close high curtains. An electrical system offers the best solution for difficult to reach or very heavy curtains.

Can I also hang paintings with a rail?

Artiteq Decoline Schilderijrail 1

Paintings can be elegantly attached to a picture rail. There are different types of hooks that you can attach to the rail depending on the weight of the painting. You can easily add or remove the hooks without having to disassemble the rail. A picture rail allows you to regularly replace your paintings or photos without having to drill holes in the wall every time.

Can a rail be bent?

Wave Verbuiging Klein

Most of our rails can be bent. There is a solution for every rounded wall, niche or pelmet. In addition to simple bends, such as returns to the wall, special bends such as an ellipse or a circle are also possible. You can find out how a rail can be bent in the catalog pages of the relevant rail.