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Organic Blinds

  • The canvases are made up with Velcro at the top, an inserted weighting at the bottom and open tunnels for the tubes.
  • The white or black tubes have an elegant end cap.
  • The canvases cannot be twisted. Therefore, the maximum width is the width of the canvas roll = 300 cm. The maximum height depends on the chosen technique.
  • The folding curtains in model 3 are pulled up alternately on the tubes, so the package hangs nicely tight.


Vitoria 702 702
Vitoriac 710 710
Vitoriac 714 714
Vitoria 716 716


'-0180 Frost
'-0248 Foam
'-0372 Fog
'-0418* Storm
'-0502 Shadow
'-0624 Cloud
'-0781 Seal
'-0837 Mink
'-1077* Storm
'-1135* Storm
'-1210* Storm
'-1325* Storm
'-1488 Ebony
'-1559* Storm
'-1601* Storm
'-1778* Storm
'-1815* Storm
'-1939* Storm
'-2086* Storm
'-2162* Storm
'-2216* Storm
'-2370* Storm
'-2430* Storm
'-2549* Storm
'-2687* Storm
'-2730* Storm
'-2822* Storm

Discover this remarkable linen-look uni design in a subtle colour palette. The weft has a light texture and, weighing 316g/m², it is a fairly heavy fabric that falls smoothly and provides a luxurious feel. 78% of this fabric is made from recycled polyester from PET bottles and food packaging that is shredded, molten into fibres, then processed into yarn and finally woven into recycled polyester. This makes the Storm an ecologically responsible choice!


An eye-catching mesh fabric in raw earth tones. Do you love a casual bohemian look? The open structure shows up perfectly in wave curtains that drag lightly on the ground. Discover this striking mesh in enchanting earth tones! Perfect for lovers of a bohoatmosphere. Be enchanted by the sophisticated open structure..


'-10 Dragon
'-100* Grass
'-20* Grass
'-30* Grass
'-40 Dune
'-50* Grass
'-60 Pampas
'-70* Grass
'-80* Grass
'-90* Grass

This beautiful fabric has a unique and stylish weave, making it a charming, versatile addition to any interior. Thanks to the careful use of different yarns and a playful colour palette, the fabric exudes a relaxed, country feel. Create the perfect ambiance in your living spaces with this inbetween and enjoy a timeless elegance that transforms your home.


Discover thisstraightforward semi-transparent fabric! Breeze strengths at a glance: easy care, smooth falling and wrinkle-free. Birds is available in a small but attractive range of colours. Moreover, this fabric is produced environmentally friendly and has excellent heat insulation properties. In short, this is the perfect choice for demanding customers!


'-301* Breeze
'-302* Breeze
'-303* Breeze
'-304* Breeze
'-305* Breeze
'-306* Breeze
'-307 Mountain
'-308 Sea
'-309* Breeze
'-310* Breeze
'-311 Valley
'-312* Breeze

Made of highquality Trevira CS material this semi-transparent fabric gives the illusion of linen with a sleek and modern look. Breeze Breeze is not only an asset for your home, but can even be used outdoors! Thanks to its high light fastness factor, small shrinkage rate and the possibility to wash this fabric at 40° and iron warm, this fabric is a stylish way to frame your garden bed or patio. Choose from a range of subtle earthy tones and give your interior or outdoor space an unparalleled atmosphere.