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A15 Cinnamon

A supple transparent fabric with a natural look thanks to the 30% linen in the composition. Available in an extensive soft color range.

-01 stick
-03 ceylon
-05 cassia
-06 powder
-07 cake
-12 muffin
-13 tea
-15 spices
-17 canella

B06 Pumpkin Pie

Dense fabric with almost 40% cotton in the composition, which makes this fabric look very natural. The modern velvet look gives the fabric a high cuddliness factor.

-01 crusty
-03 tartlet
-05 pastry
-07 custard
-08 whipped cream
-10 slice
-11 seeds
-12 mix
-13 thanksgiving

A16 Chestnut

A dense, multi-purpose fabric in a contemporary color palette. This 100% polyester fabric has a natural look.

-01 fence
-02 marron
-06 pop
-08 mont blanc
-09 pudding
-14 shell
-17 Husk
-18 roasted
-21 alley

B07 Indian Summer

Dense fire retardant fabric made up of more than half recycled polyester. An ecological choice. Stable fabric suitable for all confections.