New Creating Moments Soft Line collection for roman blinds, panels, waves and curtains

The Soft Line collection has undergone a major makeover. We opt for a combination of a book with a wide choice of fabrics that are particularly suitable for roman blinds. In addition, the collection contains no fewer than 20 pendants (of which 5 were already presented in preview at the end of last year) with fabrics selected for making waves and curtains.

For window decoration, it is important to think carefully about the style you want to create.
The new Creating Moments Soft Line Collection is built around 4 styles, so that also applies to your windows: WINDOWS DRESSED TO IMPRESS.

Let your interior be inspired by the atmosphere of sunny Ibiza. Do you like floaty fabrics, colourful embroidery and exotic prints? And does it apply to your interior that it should be comfortable without strict rules or regulations?

Bring the bohemian vibe into your home with natural materials, complemented by colourful accessories and vintage touches.
Most of all, do your own thing. Tough or sporty. Sleek or loose. It all fits in your interior in an informal, loose way.

The basic colour is white, combined with various natural tones. Imagine yourself on the beach and bring beige and all shades of sand into your home. These are timeless colours par excellence and create balance in your home and in your mind. Accent colours such as yellow and blue are used in small doses to reinforce the fresh look of the white.

Do you like comfort with a chic edge? Then the cool, restful Scandi look is up your alley. A style full of contradictions that leads to well thought-out combinations: functional yet aesthetic, luxurious in its simplicity, a subtle statement..

Choose for elegant and fashionable, by combining creativity and playfulness. For instance: think rigid shapes, airy fabrics like linen and minimalist accessories to complete your interior look. This less is more style is all about bringing together the right combinations, into creating a well-crafted whole, with beautifully finished materials and fabrics.

The Scandinavians pride themselves on the fact that you do not need to shout to be heard. It is this subtlety that makes for a powerful statement. Natural materials in different textures result in a simple, hushed, yet warm atmosphere.

Colours such as grey-green, in combination with dark grey, create an organic liveliness. Or choose robust, tough materials, in warm, earthy tones, combined with rich and dark shades. Light pastel colors make the whole thing more airy.

The fast-paced life in The Big Apple calls for ‘one outfit-for-all-occasions’. Even in your interior, a smart use of the right accessories can shift the accent to the chic, casual or party side.

Do you attach importance to a clean and tidy interior? Do you like a more formal style? If yes, choose resolutely for this neat, trendy look. Is New York Chic synonymous with expensive? Not necessarily, but you do want your interior to radiate the fact that everything has been carefully chosen and that you have paid a lot of attention to it.
High-quality materials, surprising shapes and a dramatic use of colour bring the bustling city to life into your interior.

Plain, sober colours are complemented by accents in spicy yellows and oranges, warm colours that, for example, combine perfectly with a dark parquet floor.

An interior like you are having a party. Pull out all the stops and steal the show. Go for stylish with a touch of extravagance. For instance: think mid-century glam with velvet, dark wooden furniture, golden accents, special patterns, a mix of straight and round lines.

We start from shades of brown that tend towards gold. The shinier, the better. Colours of precious stones, such as ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue give the whole a baroque edge.